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Just Pass Driving school instructors teach people the theory and practice of how to drive a vehicle safely and follow the regulations. They help students develop driving skills and prepare them for automatic driving instructor Birmingham theory and the driving test. They may also supervise navigation exams.


Know the mechanical components used in vehicles and identify and solve possible cases of malfunction.

  • Health and safety measures in transport

The set of rules, procedures, and regulations relating to health and safety measures aimed at preventing accidents or incidents in transport.

  • Road traffic laws

Understand the laws on road traffic and traffic rules.

  • Curriculum objectives

The objectives identified in the study plans and the defined learning outcomes.


Take into account the personal background of students when teaching, showing empathy and respect.

  • Check vehicle performance

Understand and forecast the performance and behavior of a vehicle. Assimilate concepts such as lateral stability, acceleration, and braking distance.

  • Observe student progress

Track student learning progress and assess their achievements and needs.

Ensure vehicles are equipped with accessibility equipment

Ensure that the vehicle is equipped with accessibility equipment such as a passenger lift, seat belts, restraint harnesses, or wheelchair straps or straps.

  • Ensure the operation of the vehicle

Keep the vehicle clean and in roadworthy condition. Ensure regular maintenance of the vehicle and provide valid official documents, such as licenses and permits, where applicable.

Adapt teaching to the abilities of the students

Identify learning difficulties and student successes. Select teaching and learning strategies that support students’ individual learning needs and goals.

  • interpret traffic signs

Respect road lights, road conditions, and nearby traffic, and prescribed speed limits to ensure safety. Interpret traffic signs and act accordingly.

  • Monitor progress in the field of expertise

Adapt to new research, regulations, and other important changes, labor market related or otherwise, that occur in the field of specialization.

  • Practice defensive driving

Practice defensive driving to maximize road safety and save time, money, and lives; anticipate the actions of other road users.

  • Give driving practice

Instruct students in the practice of driving a vehicle such as a bus, taxi, truck, motorcycle, or tractor safely, practice mechanical operation on roads with little traffic and promote preventive driving. Recognize the student’s difficulties and repeat the learning phases until the student feels comfortable. Plan routes on different types of roads, during rush hours or at night.

  • Apply teaching strategies

Employ various approaches, learning styles, and channels to Automatic car instructor, such as communicating content in terms they can understand, organizing talking points to provide clarity, and restating arguments when necessary. Use a wide range of teaching devices and methods appropriate to the content of the classes, the level of the students, the objectives, and the priorities.

  • Assist in student learning

Support and prepare students for their work by providing practical assistance and motivation.

  • To drive a vehicle

Know how to drive vehicles; have the appropriate type of automatic driving lesson Birmingham according to the type of motor vehicle used.

  • park vehicles

Park motorized vehicles without endangering the integrity of the vehicles and the safety of people.

  • Guarantee the safety of students

Ensure that all students under the supervision of an instructor or other person are safe and represented.

  • Make constructive comments

Provide informed feedback through criticism and praise in a respectful, clear, and consistent manner. Highlight achievements and failures and establish formative assessment methods to assess work.

  • Identify problems with vehicles

Diagnose vehicle problems and assess the efforts and costs required to resolve them.

  • Encourage students to recognize their achievements

Encourage students to appreciate their achievements and actions to foster confidence and educational growth.

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