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 Leh Ladakh Bike Trip Package: Cost & Itinerary 



leh bike trip


The dream of many intrepid people and globetrotters is to bike to Leh Ladakh. Leh Ladakh, the  northernmost area of India, offers breathtaking landscape, difficult topography, serene monasteries,  and a unique cultural experience. Before starting a bike trip to this location, it is crucial to thoroughly  arrange the budget and itinerary. This article will carefully evaluate the Leh Ladakh bike trip package,  together with its price and detailed timetable, to help you experience the trip of a lifetime. 

All bikers, regardless of gender, aspire to visit Leh Ladakh at least once during their lifetimes. While  many people picture a travel that is trouble-free, the truth has certain limitations. We made every effort  to assemble all the information that would help riders overcome any challenges they may encounter  during the trip on this blog because of the difficult terrain in Leh and Ladakh. 

Information on cycling in Leh Ladakh 

The saying “there’s beauty everywhere, you just have to look around” couldn’t be truer when speaking  of the enthralling journey through Leh Ladakh. The country is known for its sense of snow-covered  mountains, rough terrain, high peaks, dangerous routes and loud motorcycle engines. It offers lovely  pictures of an Indian tour of Leh Ladakh. A Ladakh bike excursion depends greatly on the rider’s  optimistic outlook and fortitude. 

The ideal time to travel to Leh Ladakh is when? 

Ladakh’s best cycling months are from June through September. Riders have the same chance to see  Ladakh’s tourist destinations during these months as they would on their trip to Lahaul and Spiti.  Although Ladakh offers breathtaking views year-round, except the rainy season, most motorbike riders  like to start their new year with this challenging bike trip. 

How long should a bicycle trip last? 

A Leh Ladakh bike tour should last at least 15 days, depending on a variety of factors, including the route  you’ve taken, your entire schedule, and especially the weather. Additionally, this time range is great if  one wants to go from Delhi to Leh via Manali. 

Cost of a bike trip in Ladakh 

Making a budget should be your top concern. Your choice of accommodation, dining options, and mode  of travel will all affect the cost of your Leh Ladakh road trip.  

However, a typical budget can be created by taking into account basics like lodging, food, and  transportation. Consequently, under typical circumstances, the total cost of your 15-day bike vacation to  Leh Ladakh will be roughly Rs.35,000. The cost of your Leh Ladakh bike tour will change based on the  route you take. This sum also covers the price of the Leh Ladakh biking trip’s necessary fees and permits. 

The Best Motorcycles for a Road Trip to Leh Ladakh 

Priorities come first Every cyclist needs to give their bike, which is their first passion, all of their  attention. 

When choosing a bike for a road trip to Leh Ladakh, one must be very picky and meticulous. Therefore,  

When choosing a bike for a road trip, be careful to prioritize functionality over fashion. As one of the  most crucial components of your Leh Ladakh bike tour schedule, give it some thought! 

It has often been demonstrated that using bikes that are easy to use and maintain is safe for the riders on excursions like the Leh Ladakh bike tour. the top five bikes for Leh Ladakh as a result. 

Due to its powerful 350 CC or 500 CC engine, which is enough to save your life on a Leh Ladakh road trip,  the Royal Enfield is recognized as the best motorcycle for a trip to Leh Ladakh. 

Royal Enfield Himalayan – The Royal Enfield Himalayan’s 400 CC engine ensures a comfortable ride on  any challenging terrain and unfamiliar roadways. 

Bajaj Pulsar Without a question, the Bajaj Pulsar is the motorbike that Indian consumers prefer the  most. The most well-known motorcycle, after Bullets, is Pulsar. Any of the 150CC, 200CC, or 220CC  models that are available would make a dependable travelling companion. 

Although its Contigo tyres can be a little uncomfortable, the Honda CBR 250 is a stunning motorcycle.  The geography of Ladakh might be challenging to navigate in the case of a weather change. It is a good  thing if the tyres can be replaced because the bike’s technology and torque can then be used much  more effectively. 


The best bikes for visits to Leh and Ladakh, according to the bike rental company, are the Hero Impulse,  Yamaha FZ, Bajaj Vikrant, and Yamaha Fazer. Despite having less powerful engines, these bikes may  accelerate swiftly while going without breaking any rules. 

Hire a Bike Ladakh’s Leh is not a bicycle. Not to worry. If you have all the required documentation, you  may always rent a bike from the bike rentals in Delhi and Manali. Karol Bagh is a well-known  neighbourhood in Delhi where you can rent a bike for Rs.900 per day. All you need to bring for your Leh  Ladakh bike tour is a legal photo ID, your driver’s license, Rs.10,000 for the security deposit, and, if you  are under 25, a letter from your parents giving you permission to travel.


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