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Know the important points to look upon if planning a destination wedding



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Destination weddings in India are the talk of the town. Nowadays, most of the couples prefer to fly to remote and serene places to start their journey together as a married couple. But, planning a destination wedding is not an easy feat. Before you take that flight, you must consider few important aspects that lead to a successful event.

Few highlighted bullet pointers could be –

  1. Destination
  2. Notifications to the guests
  3. Accommodation
  4. Travel expenses for guests
  5. Hiring a professional planner
  6. Insurance 

Let us dig into them one-by-one below:

  1. Finalising destination –

You always want to look out for destinations which are safe and popular. It is much easy to plan further activities required during wedding at places where there have been multiple events like these have already happened. The staff around and local help you would need, are already aware of the basic requirements of the clients.

You would need to consider a destination, which can accommodate the guests size you are looking at. Also, it’s better to get details about any local warnings, regulatory notices released etc. Considering recent times of COVID restrictions, it is always advisable to keep a close watch on latest changes in travel and accommodation guidelines.

  1. Notifications to the guests –

In India, you always send the cards well in time. India is a considerably large piece of land and if your guests are located at various parts of the country, it is recommended that you send out the cards or email notifications at least 3 months prior to the ‘big day’.  They will need to work around getting the tickets, accommodation and overall plan for this visit. It may be a different case, if you are planning the travel and accommodation for them. But, to get the maximum foot fall to your event, better be well ahead of time.

  1. Accommodation – 

It is traditionally observed that guests take care of their own lodging and accommodation, but as a host of the ceremony, it’s better to clarify this way ahead of the date of wedding. You may want to provide them some good options clarifying that, they would need to ensure the bookings well in time.

  1. Travel expenses for guests –

You won’t be forced to book any travels for the guests, but it would be a good gesture to ease out the process. You may provide information about how best they can plan their travel, what website or an agent can help them out with the bookings, etc. 

  1. Hiring a professional planner –

It is way easier when you have a professional planner at your service. If the destination you have finalized is a foreign land, language barriers, local expenses etc. aspects could be better known to a professional. Also, how much you could pay attention to planning and negotiating when you yourself have many things to take care of personally? With a professional service or a strong on-site coordinator at the booked resort, overall process becomes more manageable and fun to experience. 

  1. Insurance

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is, Finances. For Indian market, a wedding is no less than an extravaganza. It means that you are looking at a hefty amount for expenses to be covered during this event. Most of the services are booked in advance and the registration payments are made. There is a lot dependency on multiple vendors providing these services and it is very common to witness some hick-ups which deviate from the expected experience.

If these hiccups are manageable, then the event can go smooth, but in case of some major issues, your overall event could be at stake. In case of postponement or cancellation of wedding, your already invested amount could be at risk and you may incur losses due to the already paid fees and charges. 

The best way to deal with such uncertainties is to enrol yourself for a wedding insurance. A wedding insurance product safeguards you from such losses due to unforeseen events.

One of the most popular products on wedding and event insurance is Bajaj Finserv’s ‘Event Insurance’. 

Bajaj Finserv’s ‘Event Insurance’ has the following features and benefits one can look forward to:

  1. High Sum Insured – 

It requires a huge investment to organise big events like weddings or public performances of movie stars, music concerts, etc. This policy provides you with coverage up to Rs. 3 Lakh at an affordable premium payment of just Rs. 599 per annum.

  1. Protection of financial investment in an event –

This plan provides coverage to financially secure your investments against any losses during events like weddings.

  1. Multiple payment options – 

Bajaj Finserv offers various payment options to complete policy enrolment transactions, considering the flexibility required to make payments. You can easily choose between all available options to pay for this policy – UPI, net banking, mobile wallet, credit card or debit card.

Planning a destination wedding is a cumbersome task, but it is much easy and stress-free when you have got yourself and your finances insured.


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