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How to Protect Your Car from Dogs



How to Protect Your Car from Dogs

Dogs are undoubtedly beloved companions which bring love, joy, and fulfilment to our household. But if you own a car, you must take preventive measures to prevent your car from unwanted scratches and paw prints on the interior and exterior. Read till the end to learn about some useful ways to protect your car from dogs.

However, there are various car accessories that are available in the market which ensure adequate protection of your car from dogs. These accessories can be ordered online with ease. But before that, you require a must-have car accessories list to determine the most helpful ones according to your requirement. 

However, even if you don’t own a dog, stray dogs in your area may also pose a threat. Stray dogs tend to climb your vehicle, leaving scratches on the vehicle’s body. The best way to prevent this is to opt for a quality car cover. Search online to learn about different car cover materials as well as car cover price in India.

Preventive Measures to Protect Your Car from Dogs:

Whether you are looking forward to a road trip with your pet dog or want to safeguard your vehicle during everyday activities, all the protective measures mentioned below will equip you with effective practical tips and strategies that will prove helpful in keeping the condition of your car pristine in the long run. All these strategies are easy to incorporate amidst your busy daily schedule. 

Install A Cover On Your Car:

One of the most effective solutions for this problem is to install a quality car cover. It will not only prevent scratches and protect your car but also make it difficult for dogs to climb onto the roof of your car. This is also a cost-effective way to keep your car showroom fresh.

Keep Your Wiper Blades Raised:

Another way to prevent stray dogs from climbing up to the roof of your vehicle is to keep your car wipers raised. This blocks the passage for climbing, as stepping up to the car’s roof from the bonnet is the most common among dogs. 

Use a Crate or carrier For Your Pet Dog:

If you love to travel with your pet, investing in a dog crate or carrier would be the best idea. This will restrict them from freely roaming around and causing damage to the interiors. However, it is essential to ensure the carrier is appropriately attached to the seat to prevent sliding or shifting. 

Install Protective Liners and Seat Covers Specially Designed For Dogs:

Consider investing in protective liners and seat covers, which are specially designed for dogs. This will act as a shield for your car’s upholstery and protect it from dog scratches, accidents, fur, and dirt. Moreover, they are also easy to install and remove. 

Scare Away The Stray Dogs:

Another way to keep dogs away from your vehicle is by installing a motion detector along with a buzzer. It will prevent the dog from climbing the bonnet up to the roof and scare it away with a buzzing sound. A wide variety of such accessories are readily available in the market. Put your hands on one to secure your vehicle’s protection.

Use Pet Diverders And Barriers:

Installing pet dividers or barriers in the cargo area or your vehicle’s backseat helps in creating a separate space for your pet. These barriers prevent them from jumping onto the central control and preventing potential damage. 

Install Window Shields and Door Protectors:

Your pet can cause damage to the doors and windows by scratching them unknowingly. A perfect solution for this problem is to install window shields and door protectors. These are made of scratch-resistant and transparent materials, which keeps your doors and windows well protected.

Use Sprays On Your Vehicle’s Body And Tyres:

Since dogs are extremely sensitive to smell, you can also spray a repelling smell to keep them away. For this, you can use an alcohol-based spray or perfume or spray some vinegar on the wheels. Never spray deodorant, as their smell tends to fade away quickly. 

Final Thoughts:

All these ways will help you to protect your car from dogs. To adopt any of these useful strategies mentioned above, you would require to purchase several accessories. Make sure you opt for quality accessories only, as they will offer you the utmost protection from any damage. 

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