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How To Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home



Energy Efficiency

A home that is energy efficient can save up to 45% on its electricity bill, resulting in a significant reduction of resources and costs.

The energy efficiency of a home can be improved by building a house in the right orientation, properly insulating the house, and controlling the temperature inside.

In some cases, we may need to hire construction professionals to get them started. These saving measures may be within reach in other cases.

This article will provide you with several tips and ideas to help you achieve an energy-efficient home.

What is an efficient home?

An efficient home makes the best use of its energy and weather resources, minimizing its energy demand and emitting as little pollution as possible.

What are the characteristics of an energy-efficient home?

  • Prioritizing renewable energy sources
  • Reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Optimizing heating, cooling, and lighting systems
  • As far as possible, minimize the use of artificial means.
  • Choose materials, finishes, and construction techniques that are appropriate for the weather.

How to improve energy efficiency at home?

The construction of a home is a major factor in determining its energy efficiency. We cannot, for example, change the orientation of an existing house to take advantage of the natural light and climate.

According to Kitchener renovations experts, we can improve our energy efficiency by installing equipment and systems that optimize the use of energy.

You can increase your home’s energy efficiency by:

Insulate your house well

Change or add insulation to ceilings, walls, or floors. This will help waterproof your home and ensure that all doors and windows are properly sealed.

You will be able to avoid drafts which can lead to energy loss. Air leaks are often easily fixed by covering them with silicone putty or silicone.

Change your windows

Double glass, double windows, and carpentry are good bets. Replace aluminum frames with multiple panels.

Even small gestures like lowering blinds during the night (especially in winter), or drawing curtains to maximize sunlight can help improve energy efficiency.

Replace old appliances with more energy-efficient ones

Old air conditioning and heating systems don’t help achieve energy efficiency in the home. Old appliances are also inefficient.

If you need to replace an appliance, compare several models and see which are the most energy-efficient. All of them have a sticker that indicates their energy efficiency.

Install water-saving devices

Water conservation is a key part of sustainable consumption. There are currently taps and cisterns that serve this purpose. Single-lever mixers for the bathroom and kitchen can also save water.

Energy and hot water savings

Energy-saving heaters and boilers control the temperature of the water. On the contrary, boilers that produce water in an instant are less efficient. Also, the system and pipes must be well-insulated to save energy and hot water.

Check your air conditioning system

You must maintain your heating and air conditioning systems properly to get the best out of them. Radiators should be bled once a year.

The same is true for air conditioners, which require their filters to be cleaned or changed annually.

Simple lighting changes

Natural light is important for the energy efficiency of a house. It is important to consider the orientation of your house or even small gestures like moving the curtains during daylight hours.

The color of the wall is also important: Light tones on the ceiling and walls will better absorb the natural light.

Change incandescent bulbs, which waste energy as heat, to low-consumption ones.

Want to make your home more energy efficient?

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