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How to Get Longer, Thicker and Dark Eyelashes?




To enhance the quality and length of your eyelashes, try the following:

Don’t get crazy with the falsies.

It takes the average individual 60 days to regrow their eyelashes to their full length (approximately 9 mm), and studies reveal that they shed anything from one to five eyelashes every day. Many young women use false eyelashes or eyelash implants to make their lashes look longer and thicker, despite the risk that this can speed up their natural thinning and graying.

To get the best results from eyelash serum, apply it to the ‘root’ of your eyelashes.

Due to the large brush head or accidental staining of other areas of the eye, several young women have reported experiencing redness, irritation, and conjunctival congestion after using growth solution.

Spend some quality time tending to your eyelashes.

In their eagerness to see results, many individuals use eyelash growth remedies more often than necessary, sometimes as many as seven times a day. The eyes may become irritated, and the skin surrounding the eyes may darken.

The benefits of using eyelash serum don’t last.

When you stop using it, the impact of expansion will go away. Careprost is a treatment for follicle stimulation and eyelash development, however its efficacy will vary from person to person.

Makeup should not be removed in a crude manner.

Some women don’t have less eyelashes because of genetics; rather, they damage them applying and removing makeup too roughly.

If you don’t want thick lashes, don’t use too much mascara.

If you do this, you’ll end up with broken eyelashes. Every once in a while, you should give your eyes a break. It’s not a good idea to wear the same mascara every day since it might dry out. If at all possible, avoid using waterproof mascara, since it might lead to brittle eyelashes. Avoid using waterproof mascara if you can. They have more chemicals than conventional mascara and are harder to remove.

Because the adhesive might become brittle and rip at real lashes, wearing artificial ones should be reserved for special occasions only. Use the eyelash curlers sparingly. Chemicals will cause your eyelashes to dry out and thin. Over time, your eyelashes may split and break if you repeatedly curl them.

Eyelash growth is stimulate brush.

Regularly brushing your eyelashes might help keep your pores clean and unclogged. Another advantage of lash brushing is that it boosts circulation to the hair follicles. Apply some vitamin E oil or petroleum jelly to your lashes using a soft-bristled mascara brush or lash comb. You may reuse your old lash comb after a short rinse.


When applying mascara, take your time and work your way from the lash base to the tips. Ideally, you should brush for ten minutes, twice a day.

Hydrate thoroughly

Maintaining a steady intake of fluids is essential. Water is essential because of its inoffensive nature and many health advantages. Adding more water to your diet is safe. It improves the appearance of dull hair, promotes clearer skin, and causes the eyelashes to grow in thicker.

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