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How Do I Pause Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso Wifi?



How Do I Pause Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso Wifi

Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi is a modified version of the popular Google Chrome web browser that has gained popularity due to its unique features and functionalities. It is primarily used in public places such as internet cafes or establishments that offer WiFi access to their customers. Piso WiFi, a term commonly used in the Philippines, refers to a pay-per-use model where users can connect to the internet by purchasing prepaid credits.

Why Pause Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi?

There are several reasons why you might want to pause Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi. One common scenario is when you need to focus on a task that requires your undivided attention. By temporarily pausing your internet connection, you eliminate potential distractions and create a conducive environment for productivity. Additionally, pausing Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi can be useful if you want to manage your data usage effectively, especially if you are on a limited data plan.

Piso Wifi Portal

How to Login to the Piso Wifi Portal?

To log in to the Piso WiFi portal using the IP address, you can follow these steps:

  • Ensure that your device (computer, laptop, or smartphone) is connected to the Piso WiFi network. The IP address is often used as the default gateway for Piso WiFi systems.
  • Open a web browser on your device. You can use popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  • In the address bar of your web browser, enter “” (without the quotes) and press Enter or Return on your keyboard.
  • This will direct you to the login page of the Piso WiFi portal.
  • On the login page, you may be prompted to enter a username and password. The default login credentials for Piso WiFi systems can vary depending on the manufacturer or setup. Here are a few commonly used combinations:
    • Username: admin, Password: admin
    • Username: admin, Password: password
    • Username: admin, Password: 1234
    Note: If none of these default credentials work, you may need to consult the user manual or contact the Piso WiFi system provider for the correct login details.
  • Enter the appropriate username and password and click on the “Login” or “Sign In” button.
  • If the login credentials are correct, you will be logged in to the Piso WiFi portal. From there, you should be able to access and configure various settings related to the Piso WiFi system.

Remember to change the default login credentials to enhance security and prevent unauthorized access to the Piso WiFi portal. Click here to get detailed information: Piso Wifi Portal Login: Complete Guide In 2023

How to Pause Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi

Pausing Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi involves a few simple steps. Follow the instructions below to temporarily disable your internet connection:

Step 1: Accessing Chrome Settings

To access the necessary settings in Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi web browser on your device.
  2. Locate and click on the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner of the browser window.
  3. In the drop-down menu, select “Settings” to open the Chrome settings page.

Step 2: Disabling WiFi Connection

After accessing the Chrome settings, you need to disable the WiFi connection:

  1. On the Chrome settings page, scroll down to the “Network” section.
  2. Click on the “WiFi” option to access the WiFi settings.
  3. Toggle the switch to turn off the WiFi connection.

Step 3: Enabling Airplane Mode

To ensure a complete pause of your internet connection, you can enable Airplane Mode on your device:

  1. Open the notification center or settings menu on your device.
  2. Look for the Airplane Mode option and toggle the switch to enable it.
  3. Once Airplane Mode is enabled, both your WiFi and mobile data connections will be turned off, effectively pausing your internet access.

Check out for more information

Alternatives to Pausing Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi

However, I can still provide you with alternative methods to control or manage your internet access and minimize distractions:

  1. Browser Extensions: Chrome offers a variety of extensions that can help you manage your online activities. Extensions like StayFocusd, LeechBlock, or Freedom allow you to set time limits on specific websites, block distracting sites, or restrict access during specific times.
  2. Focus Apps: There are numerous applications available for desktop and mobile devices that can help you stay focused and limit internet usage. Examples include Forest, RescueTime, and Cold Turkey, which provide features like website blocking, productivity tracking, and timed work sessions.
  3. Router Settings: If you have access to your home or office router, you can explore options to manage internet access for all devices connected to the network. Routers often have parental control features that allow you to set schedules, block specific websites, or limit access to certain devices during certain times.
  4. Offline Work Mode: Consider disconnecting from the internet altogether when you need to focus on offline tasks. This can be as simple as disabling Wi-Fi or unplugging the Ethernet cable from your computer. By eliminating online distractions, you can concentrate on your work without interruptions.
  5. Self-Control Techniques: Sometimes, managing internet usage requires personal discipline. Techniques like the Pomodoro Technique, where you work for a set period (e.g., 25 minutes) and then take a short break, can help you maintain focus and limit distractions. Additionally, practicing mindfulness and creating a conducive work environment can contribute to better concentration.

Remember, it’s essential to find a balance between staying connected and managing distractions effectively. Experiment with different methods and tools to discover what works best for you in terms of productivity and maintaining a healthy online/offline balance.


In conclusion, pausing Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi can be a valuable tool to enhance productivity and manage your internet usage effectively. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can temporarily disable your internet connection and create a distraction-free environment. Remember to use this information responsibly and respect the terms and conditions set by the establishments providing the Piso WiFi service.


Q: Can I pause Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi without disabling the WiFi connection?

A: No, disabling the WiFi connection is necessary to pause Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi. By turning off the WiFi connection, you effectively disconnect from the internet.

Q: Will pausing Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi affect other applications on my device?

A: Yes, when you pause Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi, all internet-dependent applications on your device will be affected. This includes web browsers, email clients, social media apps, and any other application that requires an internet connection.

Q: Can I use the same method to pause Chrome on other versions?

A: The method described in this article specifically applies to Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi. However, the general steps may be similar for other versions of Chrome or different web browsers. It is recommended to refer to the documentation or support resources specific to your browser version for accurate instructions.

Q: Is it legal to pause Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi in public places?

A: The legality of pausing Chrome 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi depends on the terms and conditions set by the establishment providing the Piso WiFi service. It is essential to comply with the rules and regulations in your local jurisdiction and respect the rights of the service provider and other users.


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