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Can Diabetes Affect Your Mood?




Living with diabetes can affect your mood and inner health. You may witness mood swings when your blood sugar is too high or too low. Stress, depression, and anxiety can also occur. 

 Managing diabetes during the day can feel appealing, so it’s important to check in on your emotional health from time to time. 

 Managing your inner health is very important to your overall health. There is a lot of help available. You’re not alone. 

 However, talk to your scammer or call Diabetes NSW & ACT to make an appointment with our diabetes pill Metformin Hcl 500 Mg counselor. If you feel overwhelmed, reach out to your loved ones. 

 Mood swings and diabetes 

 Feeling multiple highs and lows is not uncommon if you have diabetes. Your blood sugar affects how you feel and can contribute to mood swings. Improper functioning of blood sugar can lead to a negative mood Raloxifene 60 Mg Tablet for womens health. 

 You may notice that you feel bad if your blood sugar is high or low, and returning to your target range immediately improves your outlook. 

  You may also notice a pattern in your emotions when your blood sugar is high or low. Therefore, it is important to examine your situation to understand what is happening in your body when you feel a certain way. For example, hypoglycemic situations can make you feel

  •  confused 
  •  worry 
  •  pervert 
  •  precarious 
  •  Tired 
  •  sweaty 

 High blood sugar situations can make you feel 

  •  angry 
  •  Sad 
  •  fog 
  •  thirsty 
  •  Tired 
  •  worry 

 It’s important to keep your blood sugar as stable as possible. However, talk to your dietitian or diabetes instructor about ways to function better, if you witness major changes during the day.  

Stress and diabetes 

 The stress of a diabetes perspective and the stress of diabetes management over time can lead to a passion for being overwhelmed and falling apart because of diabetes. Some of the reasons you might feel stressed include 

  not feeling well physically, 

 necessary changes in your life and the costs of managing your diabetes, 

 feel overwhelmed by lifelong treatment, or 

 Exhausted from your activity plan for the day? Stress can negatively affect diabetes. Stress that lasts for weeks or months can lead to unstable blood sugar. Your blood sugar can rise and fall, which can affect your mood.  Stress can also interfere with your diabetes control. When you’re stressed, you may be less motivated to exercise and eat according to your treatment plan. 

  If you feel stressed about your diabetes, talk to your dietitian or diabetes instructor. We also have some stress management tips that you may find helpful.  

 Mental health and diabetes 

 People with diabetes are four times more likely to experience depression than the general population. Some symptoms of depression include 

  •   angry 
  •  worry 
  •  changes in sleep patterns 
  •   gain or lose weight 
  •  dizzy or drowsy 
  •  difficulty concentrating 

 It’s important to celebrate the symptoms of depression and seek help right away. Depression can make it difficult to control diabetes. The ups and downs you witness with poorly managed diabetes can lead to less severe mood swings and worsening symptoms. 

  If you experience any symptoms of depression, talk to your scammer or make an appointment with a home health professional.  

 Diabetes NSW & ACT also offers  Diabetes Consolation, at no cost to members of our community. Call our Helpline on 1300342238 to learn more or to make an appointment 


  Tips for management 

 There are ways to make diabetes surgery easier and reduce the likelihood of mood swings, stress, depression, or other internal health problems. Try these styles to treat diabetes  

  Follow your diabetes treatment plan 

 Be sure to take care of your diabetes by covering and managing your BGL, taking the necessary insights, eating right, and exercising regularly. 

 Check your blood sugar regularly 

 Monitor high and low readings. Record abnormal readings to talk to the scammer or your healthcare platoon if needed. 

 Plan your thoughts 

 Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is important if you have diabetes. Prepare food in advance if it makes it easier for you to make messy plans during the busy week. 

 Looking for help 

 Many people can help you keep track of your diabetes surgery, so don’t get too excited when you seek help from your diabetes therapist, diabetes physician, musketeer family, or support group. 

  Diabetes Australia was then also said to be supportive. We have a platoon of medical professionals who can help you with all aspects of your diabetes treatment. No question is too silly. If you need help, call us on 1300342238.


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