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Arthur Freydin about Business Ideas

As per Arthur Freydin, Customers want to purchase from companies that are committed to causes that make the world more sustainable



arthur freydin

As per Arthur Freydin, Customers want to purchase from companies that are committed to causes that make the world more sustainable. If you give for cancer research, or the work of a non-profit organization, such as a shelter for homeless people, search for ways of contributing effectively to the causes that you believe in and then let your customers know about it.

You can publicly show your appreciation to communities in need or donate to various charitable organizations or volunteer at fundraising events and offer environmentally friendly products that benefit the environment. There are many options to be socially responsible as a company Find some that are beneficial to you, says Arthur Freydin.

Host local events in your area

While going to events is a fantastic method to expand your reach but hosting your own events in your own community can be even more beneficial, be it organizing a fundraising event, providing special discounts on holiday events, or sponsoring an athletic team from your local area. Making your event a memorable experience for your clients will help build closer connections with them, says Arthur Freydin.

If you are able to host events in your local area it will increase awareness of your brand. and show your local community that you’re committed to their well-being. If you’re dedicated to them, they’ll be more devoted to your business.

Find out about your competitors

While it may not result in immediate growth, analyzing your competitors is among the most crucial first steps when launching your company. Find out who your competition are, what they’re up to (that you aren’t doing) that they are successful at and how you could make your business stand out from the crowd. These answers can help you develop an effective business plan that identifies what areas within your business that need greater focus.


If you’re looking to understand your competition in the correct way, take a look at this guide to how to do an analysis of competition that provides key strategies to help you make the most of the opportunities that your competition has left open.

How can you gauge the growth of your business?

There are several aspects to consider to assess the growth of your business. Based on your objectives it is possible that you would prefer one over the other however, putting the various factors in relation to each other can provide the most accurate image of how your company is expanding.


The metric of revenue is often used for determining the rate of growth in your business as it’s the amount your company earns. The growth in revenue over time can be positive, since it usually means that you’re making more sales, or more valuable sales. It is important to keep expenses in check and revenue since making more frequently will require you to spend more.


The most important indicator other than the revenue number is the profit figure which is the sum of what your business has earned over an entire time. When it comes to profits an increase of more than 1% is a great thing, but it’s not always telling the complete picture. If your margin of profit is strong even a steady profit over the course of a year may be not necessarily a bad thing. However, for new companies, rapid increase in profitability should be an important goal.

Market share

Market share indicates the extent to which your company is dominant within its field compared to your competitors. For new businesses that are attempting to break into an industry, expanding market share quickly is an important issue. Without having a substantial position against your rivals it can be difficult to boost sales in order to increase the revenue.

Acquisition of customers

One of the most effective ways to increase market share is to focus on the generation of leads and sales. In order to get your brand’s name the minds of customers who are interested and then helping them sell it is possible to increase the market share of your business and profits simultaneously.

Customer retention

Gaining new customers can help you increase your market share, but only if you retain them. Therefore, making sure you are focusing on retention of customers and enhancing this measure in time is essential in assessing the progress of your company.

The size of teams

Building your team can be a major cost however, how big your group determines how much you’re able to accomplish. Finding a team that will satisfy operational requirements and the budget for payroll is a major problem for all entrepreneurs So monitoring the progress that your staff has over the years is especially vital.

Knowing the rate of growth of a particular metric will help you understand how your company is performing in each of the areas and the comparison of these outcomes across different areas will provide you with crucial information. If your revenues have increased dramatically, however your profitability has decreased, for instance that means the expenses are greater than your revenue and your business could be heading towards the wrong path.

Responsible scaling leads to long-term success

Growth is essential for any company, but you need to think about how you expand. Rapid growth can result in a significant demand for payroll or customer requirements that you aren’t able to meet, making you vulnerable to failing in the future. Conscious growth and deliberate decision-making about how you can expand your business and your staff are the most effective methods of setting up a business that’s to succeed well into the future. The tips you’ve read in mind is an effective method to achieve this.

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